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Seasonal Specialty Drinks

Specialty drinks are off our "secret" recipe menu, so we can't share the full details.

Coffee Beverages (hot or cold)
King Kandy- (Chocolate dipped candy cane flavor)

Queen Frost- (candy canes w/ whip cream)

Candyland Morning (cinnamon roll flavor)

Candyland Pecan Pie (pecan pie flavor w/ whipped cream)

Jib the Gingerbread Man (gingerbread flavor)

Mr. Mint (Peppermintwhite chocolate candy flavor w/ whipped cream)



Chai (hot or cold)
Candyland Chai (spiced gingerbread cookie flavor)


Lotus (cold)
Princess Lolly Lotus (Christmas flavors with red sparkles)


Kid's Drinks
Jolly Dino Steamer (peppermint white chocolate flavor w/ whipped cream)