For the month of July, we are open only on July 3, 8, 15, 22 and 29 from 6am-1pm. Note a pickup day/time on your order.

Seasonal Specialty Drinks

Specialty drinks are off our "secret" recipe menu, so we can't share the full details.

Coffee Beverages
Lavender Field Latte (hot or cold)
Blended Salted Cookie Butter (blended with whip cream)
Lucky Latte (hot or iced with whip cream)
Oatly Honey Bee Latte (hot or iced with oat milk)
Nutty Hawaiian (hot or iced)
Sahara Dessert Pear Latte  (Hot or iced)
Pistachio Cream Breve (hot or iced with whip cream)
Prickly Pear White Latte  (hot or iced with whip cream. Made with white coffee.)

Iced and Blended
Elderflower Dragon Fruit Refresher (ice tea with refreshers & coconut milk)
Blended Pink Paradise (Blended Lotus)
Melon Sunshine Lotus (Lotus)

Kid's Drinks
Tropical Popsicle (Caffeine-free blended drink with whip cream)
Candied Orangesicle (Caffeine-free Italian soda with whip cream)