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Employee Favorites

Tiffany (Owner): Mandala “Spicy Chai” w/ Oat milk!
NOTE: Available hot or iced (our Mandala Chai is also available in “Original” if you want less spice)

Gena (Manager): Iced “Americano” topped w/ heavy whipping cream
Simple & delicious!
NOTE: KETO friendly & also available Hot

Tasha (Lead Barista): Iced “Americano” w/ White Chocolate Powder & Caramel Sauce
w/ a splash of cream & topped w/ fresh cinnamon powder!
NOTE: Also available Hot, Sugar Free, or KETO style

Stacia: Almond Joy 
Almond, coconut, & splash of chocolate*. “Latte” made w/ White Coffee!
NOTE: Available Hot or Iced (regular coffee rather than made with “white” is also available)

Katie: Sugar free raspberry white chocolate latte w/ Almond milk!
NOTE: Available Hot or Iced

Mallory(Cake Decorator):  Red "Lotus” with passion fruit, pineapple, dragon fruit, and desert pear!

Kaity: Original Iced Chai w/ vanilla!
NOTE: Available Hot or Iced

Anusha: Oat Milk Latte w/ Caramel sauce and whipped cream 
NOTE: Available Hot or Iced

McKenna: Salted Caramel Mocha w/ fresh sea salt!
NOTE: Available Hot or Iced

Noah: Blue “Lotus” w/ Blue Raspberry & White Peach!