Seasonal Specialty Drinks

Specialty drinks are off our "secret" recipe menu, so we can't share the full details.

Coffee Beverages (hot or cold)
Vanilla Spice Bliss (A spicy/sweet mix of vanilla and fresh sweet spices)

Toasted Bliss (Morning French toast delight)

Pumpkin Pudding Latte (Sweet pumpkin w/ fresh homemade spices)

Apple Pie Delight (Caramel apple pie!)

Spicy Pumpkin  (Touch of sweet/spicy pumpkin with a vanilla blend, topped with whipped cream)

Campfire  (Smokey with a touch of sweetness, best served hot) 

Sugar Coated Pumpkin Donut Latte (Sugar coated pumpkin donuts, made from scratch no syrups)


Chai (hot or cold)
Tiffany's Spicy Autumn Chai (A homemade pumpkin recipe made right here in Tiffany's kitchen, paired w/ her favorite local farm chai, Mandala!)


Cider (hot or cold)
Blissfully Spiced Cider (Fresh/pure cider delivers locally from Greenbluff, topped with whip cream)


Kid's Drinks
Little Whisks ITALIAN SODA (Caffeine-free Caramel Apple Treat with whipped cream)

Little Pumpkin Pie STEAMER (Caffeine-free Warm Pumpkin Pie with whip cream)